The Enchanting Story Of Following Boo, By Bobbie Pyron

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According to, there were 2,042,947 books published in 2015 and that a new book is published about every twelve seconds. Bobbie Pyron and Linda Sue Park are two of these published authors. Bobbie Pyron, who also wrote ¨The dogs of winter¨ wrote an enchanting story for Scholastic called ¨Following Boo¨. ¨Following Boo¨ has a main character named Nathan who recently lost his grandfather. Nathan and his family take a summer camping trip and end up meeting a dog named Boo.Nathan´s family take Boo to the vet and the doctor tries to figure out the dogs age but can not figure it out. After they go to the vet Nathan goes exploring and Boo shows him a little stream where Boo went in and his leg was not hurt anymore. Now Nathan has …show more content…
Both stories have other characters that see them as angry. In ¨Following Boo¨, Nathan is struggling with his grandpa's lost and when his parents say that they can keep Boo Nathan gets angry and tells Boo to leave. In the text it said¨Get out of here!¨ I yelled at Boo¨ Boo looked at me confused¨(Pyron 5). This is significant because it shows that Boo knows Nathan is mad and that he does not want Boo to stay with him and his family because he is angry at the world for his grandpa dying.Similarly in ¨The day it rained cats¨, Sheera is also very angry when she can not figure out how to lev like her grandmother. On page 3 it says ¨Hey!¨ Kai shouted as he ducted¨ (Park 3). This is significant because it shows that Sheera´s brother see's how angry she is when she does not lev the right thing where she wants it to go but instead it goes over his head instead.Therefore, one similarity between ¨Following Boo¨ and ¨The day it rained cats¨ is how other characters see how the main characters …show more content…
An example is, ¨Sheera,it said, its your garden. Love you always grandma,I smiled and blinked away tears. Then I levved the card into the air and made it flop open and closed, like butterfly's wings.This supports my claim because it shows that she is sad that her grandmother died, but can not help to smile after she finds the card about the garden. In summary,these two stories react in two different ways over their conflicts.

Therefore, ¨Following Boo¨ and ¨The day it rained cats¨ have similarities and differences. While both stories have other character´s that sees the main character's feelings, Each character reacts differently to their main conflict. Both are enjoyable stories that send great messages for the reader to use in their own

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