The Employment Cycle Of IKEA

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The employment cycle involves an organization determining its employment needs in line with its business strategy. Once employment needs are established, it’s time to hire staff. Once staffs are employed, steps need to be taken to ensure employees are satisfied and productive. The final phase of the cycle is managing what happens when employees leave the organization. These three phases of the employment cycle firstly, establishment phase which means staff planning in line with business strategy, job analysis and job design, recruitment and selection, employment arrangements and remuneration. Secondly, maintenance phase includes induction, training and development, recognition and reward, performance management.
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Moreover, the structure and the system of institution needs also be integrated and they should be more focus in placed the development of employees that has the key resources. An integrated approach to the human resource management has also enable the employees to be identify the clear career path as well as the determining of the development and the training initiatives that would be undertaken by the reach of the pre-determined position which occurs within the organizational structure of the …show more content…
IKEA is also known as the global business that has been retailed over 150 stores in which is more than 20 countries that have been supplied all around the world and moreover the approximately of 20 franchise stores and they are still growing and very most recently was in the Japan where the IKEA has been operates 25 stores and in the U.S. there were been 11 stores. In the U.K. there where to stores operates in same country which the stores are located in the Scotland and another one is in Edinburgh and also in the Glasgow. As every organization has a dream or goals IKEA also has a dream which is they wants to create a better in everyday life for the many people that are honest and sincere customers to IKEA. Therefore, in another IKEA’s language there are also known as the dream’s realization that lies in the combination of the IKEA Company’s business idea and also with its human resource idea which has been given down to earth and moreover there are straight forward people that are possibility to grow within the IKEA. Both individuals have play in their professional roles such as together IKEA is strongly committed just to make the customers happy by creating a

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