Essay on The Employment And Housing Inequality

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The Employment and Housing Inequality In “A Raisin in the Sun”

America is known as the land of the opportunity, and dreams. The people of this country believe that with hard work they can achieve their goals and become successful. However, the American dream, was not always free or easily obtainable for Black Americans. Play write Loraine Hansberry, through her literary work, A Raisin in the Sun, builds an argument that Chicago was not a safe for African Americans but rather that it was socially and culturally influenced and controlled by whites. A Raisin in the Sun highlights the psychological stresses of the Younger family in the 1950’s. It tells the life of a poor black family that is looking to upgrade their living status but unable to because of the oppression that held blacks down from progressing and earning enough money to own homes and not live in poverty. A Raisin in the Sun is set in an area where racism was still occurring. Blacks were no longer separated but they were still facing many racial problems that kept them in poverty. The entire family was affected in their own way. Walter Lee Younger is main character and protagonist of the story. He is a stubborn man who is trying to lead his family to a financially stable life. It deeply saddens him that his son Travis has to no room of his own in the small apartment that the family of five all cram into.
In the 1950’s, Black families endeared injustices such as low pay and housing discrimination. Blacks rarely…

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