Essay on The Empire Of The Roman Empire

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Spectacles in the Roman Empire The spectacles were an important tool for social cohesion in the Roman Empire. These spectacles started to fill the city of Rome even before the Empire began to increase its power throughout other lands. What started as something with an entire religious background, soon would become only a political tool that would serve politicians to control people and make them change their opinions on the serious issues that their government or Empire were living at that time. The religious emphasis that the spectacles had in their beginning also changed from paganism to Christianity. Ultimately, emperors were the ones who turned spectacles from paganism into a political tool, and finally into something secular. Spectacles in the Roman Empire created a strong passion in all its inhabitants. Publius Cornelius Tacitus, a senator and a historian of the Roman Empire in the second century, wrote about it: “This is a passion conceived in the mother’s womb.” {} Tacitus’ phrase reflects the importance that Romans gave to all those entertainment events that the emperor generously provided to his people. Even more, in this phrase Tacitus suggests that everyone in Rome wanted to go to the games, regardless their position or social class of society. But it was Decimus Iunius Iuvenalis, a poet in the second century, the one who stated a phrase very known today: “People longs eagerly for just two things: bread and games.” {} With that phrase, Juvenal points out the…

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