The Empire Conquered By Genghis Khan Essay

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The Mongols dominated Russia from 1240 to nearly the end of the of the 16th century CE. The empire conquered by Genghis Khan was split after his death among his heirs and eventually divided into four smaller, though not insignificant Khanates. According to David O. Morgan the Great Khanate in and around China, the Ilkhanate of Persia, Iraq, and parts of Anatolia, the Chagatai Khanate of Central Asia, and the Golden Horde that controlled much of the Western and Southern parts of Russia. Due to the Mongol’s leadership style, it would not be hyperbolic to state that the rule of the Golden Horde over Russia took on many unique aspects that set it apart from other ruling bodies. Despite certain differences that arose as the other parts of the former greater empire adopted local cultures and religions, the links between the Khanates helped to foster trade and may have had an influence on diplomacy. How the Golden Horde managed to maintain control without the type of direct control of most empires is worthy of attention. The Tatars managed to maintain rule over and favorable influence Russia through their a robust a far-reaching system of trade and administration. This essay will examine how the Golden Horde’s adaptive economic and administrative policies in Russa contributed to the stability of their holdings, to the extent that when the Mongol Yoke vanished not due to deficiencies within the Mongol bureaucracy. To understand the Mongols rule of Russia, reviewing how they…

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