Essay On Big Brother In George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four

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In this significant quotation in the opening chapter of 1984 George Orwell paints a vivid description of how Big Brother continues to eliminate all human emotions. Winston Smith, the main character of the novel, detests this specific woman from the very moment he first lays eyes on her. Winston primarily dislikes this woman because in his opinion they appear the most ardent supporters of Big Brother. The most athletic, attractive and youthful are the most fanatic enforces of the party. These sudden emotions toward a woman whom he has never talked to before illustrates the paranoia and overwhelming presence Big Brother has over civilians. It says that in this setting, one cannot look upon another with admiration, trust or curiosity, because …show more content…
This relationship breaks the rules and regulations set by Big Brother, so this makes the relationship possible of the death penalty. Winston and the woman, both fully aware of all the consequences, continue their relationship on the side sneaking around and hoping that they will not be discovered. This act of going behind Big Brother’s back virtually begs for death, but Winston’s love for this girl beacons and he feels as though he must demonstrate it to her. Winston sneaking around the Party and showing his own feelings for a girl who he loves, not letting the rules destroy what he wants to do exemplifies how much he truly cares. Disrespecting the Party and their rules resembles a slap in the face, but Winston does not fear the consequences as he repeats this crime with regularity. The love these two share appears on the surface to be unbreakable, but in reality they both know the penalties. Depending on a government ran system does not suit the liking of Winston Smith, and he made his own choice of actions throughout the novel, though costly, he followed his heart and did not let anyone or anything hold him back.

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