Essay about The Emotional Thinking Of The Decision Maker

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2.2 Behavioral sciences
In several occasions during the first part of this essay it the importance to appeal to the emotional thinking of the decision maker was mentioned. This sounds like a fundament that lacks technical rigor if not corny. To better develop this point, I permit myself to quote the work of Benton (2009):
[An] emerging field, moral cognitive neuro-science, provides us with additional insight into the human decision making process. The roles of deliberation, affect and emotion are highlighted through this research […which] is in direct opposition to the classical Cartesian view of decision-making as a reasoned, emotion-free process. By using brain imaging… researchers have determined that two clear neural processes, cognitive and affective, are involved in decision making. (p. 41)
That means that our behavior, in terms of deliberated determinations, is at some extent influenced by the stimuli to our sentimental perceptions. Hence, in the quest for the inducements that can cause change in the behavior, I am interested not only on the rational construction cause-effect but also on the sentimental assimilation of the message.
2.2.1 Images and formats that influence financial decisions
In the field of finance there is little material on how the disposition of images in a document, let us say, a transaction proposal, can affect the deliberation of the reader. However, some plausible contributions have to be mentioned with regard to the wording, starting with the…

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