The Emotional Impact Of Domestic Violence On Children In The British Psychological Society

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In this research, the study of children will be included. These children will be from the homes of domestic violence. As we know, domestic violence can take place in any home, and it does not discriminate. The main question in the study is whether or not children that live in homes where there is domestic violence should get involved in some type of counseling with coping skills. I would think this is needed to help them cope with everyday life into adulthood. I have never been in a domestic violence situation, but I have seen it many times. Those times that I did see it, there was someone to intervene. But this still does not remove the memories from the minds of the children. Domestic violence could be physical such as, hitting, …show more content…
Thornton (2014), published Understanding the emotional impact of domestic violence on young children in the British Psychological Society. There was a qualitative and quantitative study done. Twenty five to thirty percent of women experience domestic abuse (Council of Europe, 2002). Along with that, twelve percent of children under the age of eleven were exposed to domestic violence. “Children are not oblivious, yet very aware of what’s going on” (Thornton, 2014). If I had to guess, there would probably be a large percentage of child that are in the same room or close to the room that the events were taking place. Starting in the early eighties a quantitative study was used for mothers to fill out a questionnaire about the violence (Kitzmann, K.M., Gaylord, N.K., Holt, A.R. & Kenny, E.D. 2003). These studies brought them to the realization that there was a major negative effect on the child and how they function. Children in this kind of family had four times higher rate of having mental disorders than children not in domestic violence homes (Kitzmann, et al., 2003). There are also many more issues such as their IQ’s. I will speak of this more in the full research. The study also found some issues in their

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