War Tragedies Affects People's Lives

War Tragedies
Tragedies are all over the world. It can leave you with a great suffering, destruction and distress. These tragedies can affect the people 's lives and change for good. Once these tragedies happen it is hard for people to come back to their normal lives. Some people do not even return back to their normal lives because the tragedy affected them really bad. With something huge that happens it is a difficult time because you may never be the same anymore. These tragedies can change you and may need help to recover. War changes people. It not only affects the people and the soldiers, but also their families. War causes many tragedies. It can cause you to be emotional, physical and financial.
War can cause the soldiers to become emotional. It is hard to go to war and seeing and doing all these things that you can not unsee. This causes the soldiers to become distress. Being in that situation is not great because the soldiers are suffering from something big. It not only affects them but
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These physical tragedies are a soldier being injured. During war they never know what might happened. They do not know if you are going to make it out alive. Soldiers get injured and that causes physical damage. They either lose a limb, leg, arms and other parts. This is hard for them because they know they are not going to be the same anymore. In the article “The Physical and Psychological Effects the War Has Had on Our Troops” the author says, “Several soldiers have had the misfortune of losing a limb and must return home faced with months and even years of physical therapy and possible depression (np).” These injuries cause the soldiers to go into depression. While going through this depression the soldiers have to go to therapy. Even today veterans have to get help because this depression or being distressed is still going on in their lives. It does not go away and these soldiers need all the

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