Cause Of Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic violence the aggressive behavior within the home, typically involving the violent abuse of a spouse or partner. A topic that has become an issue too many in our culture today, from movies, campaigns, television specials, even magazines domestic violence will always be a hot button issue. What society thinks when they hear the words domestic violence, they picture a woman beaten and bruised, a woman unable to look anyone in the eyes, a woman constantly looking for a way out of the violence, but one think society doesn’t picture is a man constantly beaten or abused by a woman they love. Male victims of domestic violence a rarely spoken about, there isn’t any lifetimes television movies, or celebrities writing song or starting campaigns about these victims. Still many males go through domestic violence without even reaching out for help …show more content…
So in all these reasons might deter a man from speaking out about his abuse, and also let the abuse carry on due to fear. Domestic violence also has other factors that can affect a male victim, there are physiological and physical effects that occurs with domestic violence victims. Some physiological disorder are PTSD also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, although this is common in those who serve in the military domestic violence victims suffer similar reactions to trauma. Certain triggers can have victims cower in fear or resort to the state they were in when living in an abusive house hold. Depression is another disorder in victims of domestic violence, they go through stages of sadness or loneliness due to what they have been through, many men might feel alone because few people might not understand what they have go through. Lastly Dissociation, with this disorder victims may act as if they are not present or blanked out, they find it hard to concentrate on normal

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