Divorce Effects On Children

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Datoine Mcmillian
Prof. Kathleen Molloy
English 110
12 Feb 2016

Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce in the US has increased since the late 19th century. More than half of the US marriages fail which can cause terrible effects on children and teens. These negative effects can put kids on a downward path to bad behavior . Divorce can have short term and ,long term, emotional and physical effects on children , from infants all the way through adolescence .
According to Wilkinson & Finkbeiner family and law attorneys divorce rates and marriage rates are slowly decreasing at 6.8 per 1,000 total population is the rate for marriage (wilkinson). This could be because less people are getting married which means less divorce (wilkinson)
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A infant not knowing what divorce is it still can take physical and emotional toll on them .When an infant gets between 6 to 8 months old they start to develop feelings towards familiar people ( louis) . When being around unfamiliar people infant 's cry because they don 't know who that person is due to not remember things yet. If both parents are together they know that these are familiar faces that they see everyday. Between the ages of 8 months to 18 months infants start to show separation distress, which causes them to cry and scream (louis) . Separation for an infant is hard but they seem to be more comfortable with whatever parent that takes care of them the most .The best way to keep an infant from having early trouble with divorced parents is to always remain calm around the child . Infants don 't have verbal words yet but can pick up on emotions from the people around them ( louis) . If the parents who are divorced or in the process of it continue to fight and argue around the baby it sends negative emotions to the baby. This makes them feel uncomfortable once past the infant stage the toddler stage of the divorce starts to kick in .
Divorce effects toddlers differently as they get to the age where it 's clear who their mom and dad is . When the parents divorce one parent becomes the leading role for their kid which most
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Some handle it very well and some can 't handle it at all. There can be a such thing called a “ good divorce”. Often divorcing parents are angry and won 't let go of what made them divorce in the first place. A good divorce can happen if both parents agree to be civil with each other and continue to raise their kids together. Holidays should be spent together with both parents and the kids doing the same things they used to do . The biggest thing in a good divorce is keeping the same routine. If the kids have a pet that pet should be allowed to be at both homes keeping things the same as if nothing had ever happened (clarke , Margaret). Taking way things from a child that they were so used to doing or being around can cause conflict. Its also good to minimize the number of transitions moving households can cause stress on kids having to do things out of the norm can cause conflict and the less conflict the better chances at a good divorce. During a divorce another issue that may come up is money . Sometimes when parents split single parent can 't afford all of the sports there child is in or the extra tutors for academic reasons. Its best for both parents to fund their kids together best way possible anything helps it would be really terrible for a child to be pulled from things they used to do based on parents

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