Essay on The Emergency Room As The Mercy Health Plan

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In the early 1980’s, the staff of a health ministry in West Philadelphia noted that many of their patients were utilizing the emergency room as a form of primary care. To address the growing issue, a voluntary medical assistance program known as the Mercy Health Plan was created. The concept of this plan was a connection between members and a primary care physician that would encourage consistent health care rather than waiting until something became so severe it required emergency care. This plan continued to grow and in 1996 formed a partnership with AmeriHealth to become the AmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan. Since then, the organization has continued to grow and expand to today where the plan serves recipients in various counties of Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania. In the thirty years since their formation, AmeriHealth has grown to become a leader in healthcare for many individuals in public funded programs. The organization has become well known for their development of solutions that will maximize overall health outcome while minimizing the overall cost. Their mission is to help people get the care they deserve, stay healthy and build a community in the process. Furthermore, their goals include providing managed care solutions as well as behavioral health and administrative services. To do this, AmeriHealth approaches their goals as a collective. Building partnerships and working with other health care systems, AmeriHealth is working to customize programs to the…

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