Essay The Emergency Department At Legacy Salmon Creek

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Question 1 - What experience have you had that has given you insight into the patients you hope to eventually serve?
During my paramedic education, I had to fulfill clinical hours in the emergency department at Legacy Salmon Creek. During that time, I’ve interacted with patients who have suffered life-threatening ailments, but many of my interactions were with patients who weren’t experiencing life-threatening episodes. Understandingly, the latter of these patients use the emergency department because they lack the health insurance to afford a primary care physician or the local community lacks the resources to assist some special demographics: Drug abusers, psychiatric patients, the homeless, geriatrics and undocumented immigrants, etc. As a physician, I hope to serve those who are in dire need of help, but I also want to treat patients who use the emergency department for their primary care but furthermore, I would like to be able to refer them to special resources that will assist in managing their health in order to prevent future visits to the emergency department. Unfortunately, emergency visits are expensive and the wait times are detrimental to the patients. I would like to research and develop policies that could lower the cost-of-care for patients and decrease overcrowding in the emergency departments. As an emergency physician, I may not develop many long-term relationships with patients, but I would be satisfied with treating a patient’s urgent needs and then…

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