The Emergency Department At Legacy Salmon Creek Essay

1681 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 7 Pages
My experience in the emergency department at Legacy Salmon Creek during my paramedic education gave me insight to the patients I hope to eventually serve. During this experience, I got the opportunity to help patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses. However, the majority of the patients I worked with did not have emergent conditions. I realized that many patients visited the emergency department because they did not have access to affordable health insurance for preventative care. Emergency visits are expensive and the wait time could be detrimental to patients. As a physician, I hope to serve a diverse population, mainly those with limited resources for adequate healthcare. I want to help develop health policies that could lower the cost-of-care and find ways to decrease overcrowding in the emergency departments. These encounters allowed me to experience the satisfaction of treating patients with critical needs, while serving those that may be lost in our complex healthcare system.

As I journey to become a physician, my greatest challenge will be accepting the limitations of my practice. When I was an emergency medical technician, I felt terrible when my therapeutic interventions failed to alleviate the symptoms of a patient suffering from a respiratory emergency. Eventually my desire to help others, and ambition to do more for my patients led me to pursue my paramedic license. As I gained experience through shadowing physicians, I am realizing that limitations…

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