The Emergency Department And The Financial, Psycho Social, And Medical Reasons

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I examined the over utilization of the emergency department and the financial, psycho-social, and medical reasons of the high utilization.
I reviewed 11 articles and literatures relating to high health care expenditures and the utilization of emergency departments among homeless individuals. This review included the characteristics, limitations, trends, strengths, agreements and disagreements of the literature review.
There were different causes of high health care expenditure relating to the use of the emergency department. There was a correlation between housing status and high utilization of the emergency room of all the individuals who participated in the study.
Homeless individuals utilize the emergency department for non-urgent medical condition regardless of his/her health care coverage. Health plans and Medicaid state agencies should consider a more robust population health management and coordination of care for homeless individuals.
Over Utilization of the Emergency Room
The emergency department is a section of a hospital dedicated to treating unforeseen and unplanned medical acuity. An emergency department is equipped to treat life -threatening and broad spectrum of medical conditions. Unfortunately, the broad medical provision of the Emergency Department attracts non-emergent use by homeless and uninsured individuals with physical health, mental health, and substance abuse disorders Lin, Bharel, Zhang, O’Connell and…

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