The Emergence Of Skyscrapers And Modernism Essay

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Chicago, late 1880s, the industrializing city is struck by a zap of a unique metropolistic architecture created by architects that turned the tables in American culture and nationalism. The birth of skyscrapers was the one of the early embers created by this zap that eventually led to the spark of change throughout the country in the following century. These embers turned into large architectural flickers that generated cultural and nationalistic upbringings like the Chicago World’s fair. Eventually those large flickers became flames made by the architects of the upbringings that lit up inspiration within early twentieth century architects who established new trends and fundamentals in architecture that flourished all over the country. Throughout the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, American architects introduced new architectural styles and concepts that reshaped the culture and nationalism of America in order to obtain national individuality.
The emergence of skyscrapers was one the early elements of architecture that was the starting block of change in American culture. While architect Louis Sullivan was considered the founder of “modern high rise American architecture” like skyscrapers (Karwatka), William Jenney was the first architect to design and build a skyscraper in the United States, which was built in 1884. Although Jenney’s skyscraper gained popularity, Sullivan’s skyscrapers gained more recognition due to the fact that his buildings were…

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