The Embryonic Stem Cell Stem Cells Essay example

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Thanks to new advances in technology, adult stem cells can be mass produced in the lab both organically and synthetically. When found in bone marrow, adult stem cells are known to have slight regenerative properties (Kahn). As more and more of the stem cells are created, the number of trials that can occur multiply exponentially. The regenerative properties are isolated and enhanced to grow more of the specific kind of cell (Kahn). With the help of specialized cell growth, mass amounts of organ tissue and other treatments can be made. This technology is leading scientists towards being able to make cures for the general public without using any embryonic stem cells. As the growth of adult stem cells becomes more abundant, the need for hESC becomes obsolete.
Many believe that with the use of adult stem cells, embryos will no longer have to be destroyed to harvest their stem cells. This, however, is not the case, for the use of embryonic stem cells will help to find cures more quickly and for a wider range of disease. The pluripotent quality in embryonic cells is how they can be produced to form any version of cell (Davies). Adult stem cells do not contain these properties, making it significantly harder for cures to be made that cover multitudes of conditions. Since the lift on funding bans, researchers have created treatments for nearly 15 diseases in less than 10 years (Ruse and Pynes). Each illness that has a cure was created using embryonic stem cells. Those who are only…

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