The Embargo Act Of 1807 Essay

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The Embargo Act of 1807
After the Chesapeake Affair, Thomas Jefferson served two terms as the president of the United States from 1801 through 1809. Furthermore, Jefferson took responsibility as the third president of the United States to release the Embargo Act in 1807, to pursue foreign powers such as Europeans to respect American rights and neutrality. “The First Barbary Acts,” was a result that led to the main cause of The Embargo Act of 1807. The First Barbary Acts was an undeclared war that was conducted by the United States against North African States. The Embargo Act was a law that was passed by the U.S. government in 1807, restricting foreign trade and commerce mainly between the French and the British during the Napoleonic Wars; in order to control economy, have power over political acts, and most importantly to maintain peace but the Embargo Act did not have the result Thomas Jefferson expected and instead led to war of 1812.
How did the Embargo Act come to be? It started in 1792 when the French and the British went to war against each other. However, besides the war, a primary and much greater threat was Napoleon Bonaparte took ahold of power forcefully in 1799 before Thomas Jefferson. The European power that Napoleon was afraid of was Great Britain because of their dominant and tremendous naval powers. However, all through the issues with the France and Great Britain, The United States decided to claim itself as neutral in the dispute that was occurring.…

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