Essay on The Emancipation Proclamation By President Lyndon B. Johnson

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The Emancipation Proclamation would stand to set into motion one of the greatest impacts on American culture begging post Civil War era until the Civil Rights Act of 65 Structured by President John F. Kennedy, signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson. The Proclamation itself took roughly three years to finalize into the constitution. The first step was taken in July 1862 when congress placed two laws into action, “a second confiscation act that freed slaves of persons who had engaged in rebellion against the United States, and a militia act that empowered the president to use freed slaves in the army in any capacity he saw fit—even as soldiers”. (The Readers Companion to American History, 1991) This would be his first step. After Lincoln had been evaluating his position and the use of the proclamation in his war efforts and issues the preliminary proclamation after a major Union victory but not in its totality. Once Lincoln and his Republican party had decided as a war effort, the proclamation would have no constitutional powers. Finally on December 18, 1865 congress established the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery in the US forever more. This Constitutional right provided primarily for African Americans at the time of the US harboring slavery, set into motion what many more men and woman would continue to fight for until the Civil Rights Act of 64 when not only would slavery be unconstitutional, but men and women all races and ethnicities would have equal right forever more.…

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