Elements Of Social Justice And Diversity

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Diversity and Social Justice Narrative
Social justice and diversity entail addressing various injustices inequality and also promoting rights, fairness, opportunity, and acceptance of every person in the society, including those from diverse backgrounds. The elements of social justice and diversity are present in our surrounding community and our families. In our day to day experiences, we experience difference issues which either promote or hinder diversity and social justice. It involves having different ideas, and opinions and trying to embrace the emerging differences to promote harmony in the community. Every person needs to engage in an activity or an action that can help in promoting diversity and social justice. Some of the activities
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have been evident in my life. At various times in my community and my college life, I have been interacting with people who are not proficient in English. When interacting with these individuals, I recognize that their English proficiency limitations do not in any way have a reflection of their intellectual levels functioning. I have a friend who is gay, but I do not judge him because I know that he has a right of having a sexual orientation which makes him comfortable and happy. It does not bother me since we get along with some ideas and he delivers the best in his activities. There are times when I have had an encounter with people who are mistreating others because they are of a different skin color. I had a chance of intervening appropriately by informing the person with the bias that they are not doing the right thing. I believe that every person within the globe should learn to practice behaviors that portray prejudice or cultural …show more content…
I would also like to find out how different educational institutions support the idea of multiculturalism and how have been addressing the issues of gender differences and class among their students. It important also to investigate the various issues that the social justice advocacy programs are addressing within the country The issues are of great importance since they will help me in understanding the issue of diversity and multiculturalism within the globe and also in the education sector which nurtures people to their future workplace.
Lastly, we should learn to be welcoming, accepting and listening to individuals and ideas that differ from our own. Social justice and diversity support the idea that each can make a positive and unique contribution to the society despite their differences. I believe that we should aspire to promote a community where diversity and social justice is respected and recognized; different cultural ideas are valued and acknowledged, and there is an encouragement of contribution from all groups. The community should be empowering people to achieve their maximum potentials and also to celebrate their

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