The Elements Of Culture On Global Business Information Essay

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Culture & Identity People living in a difference countries often have difference culture. Culture could analyze as a country identity. Therefore, it have a lot of elements make a significant difference between cultures. Thus, the most important element make a culture significant is the language. Most culture often have its own language to communicate in the society. When the culture change, so the language change either. Language know as a concrete fundamental of the culture. Therefore, Language also affect on communication, country and culture, personal identity. Overall, when the language disappear, culture dies. In fact, some migrants often lost their culture during living in another country. Because they must to adapt to the around society and lifestyle. However, that process often going slow with the adults but the young migrants will adapt to their new environment faster. Generally, language affect on identity of personal, communication, country and culture. According to the reporter Maira Khan(2012) in the article “The Elements Of Culture On Global Business Information” published on, “Language has been described as the mirror of culture. Language itself is multidimensional by nature”. Most of country and culture significant is based on the its own language. In the global communication, the language is an identity of speaker which culture his/her belong to. Another word, language is the way people express their culture and country they belong to.…

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