Essay on The Elements Of A Christian Worldview

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The elements of describing a Christian worldview has many diverse parameters, which entails an ideal view of seeking a spiritual journey through reading and learning about the bible or conversing through other spiritual manners. However, can influential aspects be the root of a Christian worldview? The interpretations to attain are solely on the individual seeking and interacting with those that are similar minded. This paper will explain key elements of the various perceptive view on the spiritual aspect that reflects readings from the bible, defining what the truth means, and our purpose in life.
Eternal, all-knowing, all-powerful, God is good are a few attributes that define one God. He is the father and creator of all things. As it is written in Genesis “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). The first sentence in Genesis already clarifies the presence of God which then leads to the development of creation of earth and humanity. Although some would speculate that the formation of the earth was formulated through cosmic studies such as the Big Bang Theory or Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity which explains “the universe of zero size, the Big Bang singularity, is not the beginning of space time but a limitation of the theory” (Bojowald, 2013). The keyword is ‘theory’, as like great scientist followers of Christianity also have theories that identify the specifics of the existence of God. A person’s worldview can be…

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