The Elementary School Education Has A Profound Impact On Children 's Future Development

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Self-reflection Currently, the population I am interested in working with is children, especially children in elementary schools. Personally, the elementary school education has a profound impact on children’s future development. In the elementary school, they start developing their self-esteem as learners; they start forming their own value system; they start learning how to communicate with teachers, peers and parents. Children’s social and personal development in elementary school to some degree serves as the foundation of their future success. I hope I will be capable to help more children to gain a valuable elementary school experience in the future. Apart from the importance of the mental health education per se, another reason why I plan to engage in working with elementary schoolers is my mother’s inspiration. I mother has been working in the elementary school for over 20 years. At a large school with more than 5000 students, many teachers lack patience and ignore the mental development of children. If the students fail to get satisfactory grades or do not behave according to the school rules, they are often categorized as ‘hopeless’ or ‘bad’ children and are left behind by their peers. Many teachers just blame the students for not studying hard instead of understanding the students’ problem. However, my mother believes that no one is inherently ‘bad’ or ‘stupid’. She talks with those ‘problematic’ children with respect to help the…

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