Essay about The Element Of Fear By Bram Stoker

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The element of fear represents a complex series of both abstract and concrete ideals which depicts the nature of cultural anxiety. This entity, demonstrate the tangible factor which suppresses the central essence of a character through the use of extraordinary terror. The product fosters this component that arouses the danger of fear in human. The manner of irrational factor overwhelms the natural state of stability by manipulating the boundaries of security. Bram Stoker 's Dracula serves as an vivid description of the social milieu and the variable of fear that terrorize the British society. The symbolic standards function within the late-Victorian anxieties which conflicts anything that is threatening. The premise of Dracula provides the perception that underpins the reality of danger that resides within ourselves as a fraction of distress. The introduction of Dracula as a "modern" monster emphasizes his character as a "variable" which coexist with the ideals of modern society. This becomes the reflection that portray the inverse image that embodies the terror which resonates uniquely within human condition. As the result of Victorian fears, Stoker expressed the source that contrive the unnatural state which demolishes the social expectations. Concepts like evil, lust, power, tension, and the supernatural emphasized throughout the book underlined the inevitable fear of disparity in social standards. The fundamental nature of fear is the uncertainty towards the unknowns by…

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