Essay about The Electronic Airways

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In this new technologically sound world that we live every organizational and company is trying to find it niche that would separate it from other companies so that they might be able to gain a huge percentage of the market share for their particular product. With the invent of the internet now organizations and companies are trying to find ways to separate themselves in this new market called E-commencers where they are using the peoples love of the internet to find a product that they can use to make a profit from by letting those people that love the internet to access with out disconnecting from the internet. From this new phenomenon there has spun off several new technical terms for the use of the electronic airways to do business. One of those new segments is called “ this refers to a business model where a given product is offered for free also a premium fee is charged for the available advanced features. Examples of products offered on freemium models that include software, music, web services, games, and media (Rickman, 2012). A excellent example of a company running this form of business is Pandora. Pandora refers a custom-made radio service system that plays music based on the taste of individual users. It is one of the web radio systems available to users in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. Currently, Pandora has 200 million plus users according to statistics released in April 2013. During the same year, Pandora had recorded a 52% increase in revenue…

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