The Electrical Engineering Discipline Made Enormous Progress Essay

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In 1882, Thomas Edison opened the very first commercial power plant in the United States. It served a total of 59 customers in one square mile of Lower Manhattan. The electrical engineering discipline was very slow developing until the 19th Century. When scientists, George Ohm and Michael Faraday made new observations and developed theories. Moreover, Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse engaged in a heated debate and experiment claiming one power source was greater than the other. Thomas Edison embraced the idea of direct current, or DC, power distribution. George Westinghouse stood behind the claim that alternating current, or AC, was the best. In the end it was George Westinghouse that won the debate when Edison finally said that AC was the greater of the power source (Enerdyne, pg.1). In the 20th Century the Electrical Engineering discipline made enormous progress. Nikola Tesla was one of the most well-known Electrical Engineers of his time, his work with the radio helped make it a common household item in the 1900’s. Finally, the development of the integrated circuit in 1958 ultimately led to the personal computer, and the microprocessor, and a variety of signal and control systems. An Electrical Engineer has a plethora of jobs available to the individual pursuing a degree. Electrical Engineers usually starts out by defining what an electronic should be able to do. Next, the engineer will design parts of the electronic using a sketch or computer software. After that…

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