The Electric Vehicle Of Electric Vehicles Essay

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The idea of the electric vehicle has long captured the imagination of intelligent minds, including Henry Ford and Thomas Edison more than a century ago. As pollution and population increase, we turn to technology for a helping hand in the automotive industry. The idea of Electric Vehicles that require no fuel, no oil, minimal maintenance and can be charged in the comfort of your home is very appealing to the public. Not having to visit a gas pump would clearly grab the attention of anyone who has dealt with today’s rocketing fuel prices. Also, for those who have driven an electric vehicle, some of the first qualities that catch the drivers’ attention are how quiet and powerful they are. When the need to go fast attacks, the power and ride quality will never disappoint leaving every driver satisfied. Electric vehicles also propose a promising potential in the fight for cleaner energy and have only positive potential as technology increases. The environmental footprint can drastically be minimized with the production of the precise electric vehicle and aid the damaging statistics of carbon dioxide emissions.
Take the Nissan LEAF for example, this updated LEAF went on sale in the United States and Europe in 2013. According to the Nissan Motor Company, the LEAF produced significant data that showed considerably less CO2 emissions over its entire lifecycle, from manufacturing to end-of-life disposal, compared to gas-powered-vehicles of the same class. In another report, Nissan…

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