The Electoral College Should Not Be Abolished Essay

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The Electoral College is a group of people who get to elect the president and vice president. They have a different number of representatives at each state that gets the benefit of electing the president and vice president every four years. The United States has a democratic system so the people also get to vote; however, the most popular candidate, or the person that wins the popular vote, may not win the presidency because of this group of people that get the final say on who gets elected or not. The Electoral College should be abolished because it defeats the purpose of having a democratic system, if the people do not get to elect as a president the candidate that won their votes and trust. There are a number of reasons why the Electoral College should not be a part of the election process in the twenty-first century. First, this process is not fair for the people who truly believe that this country is democratic because it is not only the people who are electing a candidate. Second, the people of the generation have access to the Internet and they can become educated enough to make their own decisions about a candidate and elect them as president. Finally, the people might get discourage and not participate in the electoral process because the candidate that they vote for and the majority of the people, might not win the presidency.
On the other hand, there are many people who would say that the Electoral College is a very important part of the electoral process for…

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