The Electoral College Should Be Abolished Essay

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The Electoral College should be abolished is the topic of this debate. The Electoral College was created in September, 1787 after many arguments of how the president should be elected. Now with the Electoral College every four years, the states choose presidential electors (the same amount of their representatives for Congress). So if a candidate running for president received lots of votes from electors then he wins. Electing the president is not based on the citizen’s votes. Are votes as the people are just to give the electors an idea of what the citizens of that state want. Then they don’t have to pay attention to those votes. This topic is controversial because it is proposing equality vs. order. George C. Edwards III thinks we should abolish the Electoral College. Edwards believes that the Electoral College gets rid of equality. He believes that we should be more focused on the majority vote of the people. While Gary L. Gregg II believes we should keep the Electoral College as it is. Gregg believes that it establishes order in this country. George C. Edwards III is representing the pro side of this argument. One of his major arguments was that the Electoral College should pay attention and protect state’s interest. Citizens have interest also of who should be president. Presidents are supposed to pay attention to citizens not the states. Citizens make up the state, so if you do not have citizens you would not have states. Then if we were to get rid of the…

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