The Electoral College : An Essay

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Essay One the Electoral College The Electoral College is embedded into the fabric of the United States of America. It has been the only way we have elected our Presidents since the start of the republic. In this short essay I will discuss how the process works and the advantages and disadvantages to the Electoral College.
The way the Electoral College works is quite simple once educated on the matter. Slates of electors are chosen from a list by the political parties and are usually chosen in conjunction with Presidential Candidates. These electors cannot be Representatives or Senators. They can however be state officials, leaders within the parties, or have a professional or personal relationship with the candidate. Once they are selected they will meet and cast a vote. All states have requirements in regards to who the elector can vote for. Some state laws require that electors vote for whichever candidate wins the popular in that state, while other states require you to vote for the candidate connected to your party. Once the ballots are cast they are sealed and given to Vice President who opens them and gives them to tellers. These tellers consist of two Representatives and two Senators who tally the votes. I next talk about the advantages of the process just explained.
There are a few advantages to an Electoral College. The first is the streamlining of the election process. I believe it is easier, more efficient and safer to use the Electoral College. The reason I…

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