The Election Of The New Whig Party Essay

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• 'favorite son ' – name given to the different candidate the new Whig party sent to run against Van Buren; each favorite son appealed to certain region in the nation and the Whigs did not hope to win outright with one candidate, but to reduce the chance of a candidate with a majority with these many sons
• nullification – the decision of a state to not reinforce a federal law; the South Carolinians did not the effect the tariffs were having on their economy and thus tried to nullify the Tariff of 1828 and earned the them the title of “nullies”
• spoils system – system where not the most qualified got appointed to public jobs, but instead those who were the most loyal to the winning or those who could use their influence, such as money, to get the position
• rotation in office – another term for a limit on the number of a presidencies a person can serve; Jackson favored one term before, but after serving his term decided to run for another term
• Anti-Masonic Party – a political party that was formed on the basis of opposing the Masons; its presence was strong in New York and New England. Was an anti-Jackson party because Jackson was a Mason and attracted the support religious groups like the protestants and those in fear of monopolies and secret societies
• 'Revolution of 1828 ' - another name for the election of 1828, where Jackson was elected as president and considered a champion for the common man; unlike previous presidents, he did not work with the rich but…

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