The Election Of The Electoral College Essay

1341 Words Dec 20th, 2016 6 Pages
The reason for the Electoral College being an issue is due to the continuation of Presidential Elections having the winner not having the popular vote needed which is viewed to many as undemocratic. These elections consist of the 2000 election with Al Gore winning the Popular vote but George Bush winning the electoral vote, John Quincy Adams winning the Electoral College and Andrew Jackson winning the popular vote (1824), Benjamin Harrison winning the popular vote and Grover Cleveland winning the Electoral College (1888) and now the most recent with the 2016 election with Donald Trump winning the Electoral College and Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote but still lost the election . The Framers concerns for putting the Electoral College in place was because they were worried that the states with larger populations would dominate the Presidential election and the smaller populated states wouldn’t have as much influence in the elections. The creation of the Electoral College was brought by the Constitutional Convention of 1787 in which delegates from each state discussed how to improve the American government at the time. The intent was to ensure that larger and smaller populated states have close enough influence in future elections by being more equal with representing the population. The Electoral College was put in place for decisive reasons by the Framers and in modern times this system is still effective in election outcomes. For our day and age we should…

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