The Election Of President Barack Obama Essay

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The election of president Barack Obama on November 4, 2008 will forever be remembered as a huge victory for racial equality in the United States. Less than fifty years after the discontinuation of legalized segregation, the citizens of America voted a black man into the highest office in the land. This is no doubt concrete representation of the significant gains America has made in the battle for unilateral socio-economic racial equality. Despite this victory, evidence of prevailing inequality continues to manifest in many vital areas of social life such as the housing market, unemployment, income, and school funding. Clearly race does still matter. How could it not in revelation of this widespread inequity? Electing a black man as the 44th president of America is not indicative of a post-racial society.
Racism has evolved and adapted to the times. No longer is race viewed as a biological concept "yet has been retained as a social construction that provides a basis for distinguishing and treating human groups other than one 's own" (D 'Angelo, Raymond N.). The picture has not changed, only the frame. Racism is now systematic and prevalent in our institutions as opposed to our laws. According the federal reserve data, in 2010 white americans posses 88 percent of the countries wealth even though they only occupy 64 percent of the population, while Black Americans making up 13 percent of the population only held 2.7 percent of the countries wealth (Federal educational…

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