The Election Of 1800 : The First Peaceful Transition Of Power

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The Election of 1800 was monumental: it was the first peaceful transition of power. Never before in history had a transition between two opposing groups occurred without warfare. However, in the United States, this election was the start of opposition, and the transition of power between two separate groups would continue from here, beginning with the transfer of power from Federalist John Adams to Democratic Republican Thomas Jefferson. From this original conflict between the Federalists and Democratic Republicans to the Era of Good Feelings to the Jacksonian Era and the creation of the Whigs, the political climate of the first half of the nineteenth century was marked by disputes over the strength of the federal government, especially the executive branch; over sectional differences; and over the role of Native Americans in the United States.
Starting in 1800, the Democratic Republicans assumed power, launching the United States into the Jeffersonian Era, while the Federalists slowly declined in power, but the conflict between the two parties was based on sectionalism and was over the role of the national government. The Federalists, led by John Adams and Alexander Hamilton, believed in a stronger federal government, meanwhile the Democratic Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson and the rest of the Virginia Dynasty, disagreed with having a larger federal government. This so-called dynasty presided over the Jeffersonian Era, characterized by the belief in a simple agrarian…

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