The Election Elections Of The United States Essay

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Every four years in the United States, a president is elected into office. Either a new president will come into office, or a previous one may come back. Either or, it is the choice of the people of the United States. Though in past years not every man or woman from different backgrounds and races could vote, this has changed. People can vote when they turn 18, no matter their gender, race, or sexuality. But these days, many millennials do not go out and vote for a presidential candidate. This is changing and during the 2016 election, many more millennials are involved in voting and politics due to a political revolution headlined by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Millennials are defined as those who were born between 1987 and 1998. It was predicted that in 2015, the millennial generation will account for one third of the vote, which could have a great influence on the current election going on right now (“11 Facts About Voting”). A graph released by the U.S. Census Bureau shows the voter turnout from all age groups, especially millennials, has decreased. In 1964, 50.9% of millennials voted while in 2012, only 38% of millennials voted. Many people think that the reason millennial voting has decreased is because they think that millennials are “lazy” and “don’t care about politics in general”. But this notion is shown as completely wrong by a study done in many countries that also have seen a drop in voting in millennials. The actual reason is that millennials don’t…

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