The Election Day Election Elections Essay example

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Every four years when Americans have to cast ballots and get to elect or re-elect a new president. They have to go through many steps before getting to the big day, the Election Day, which takes place on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. The first step during an election years are, Primaries and Caucuses. During the process nominees from each political party get selected, which after are officially announce at the party’s national convention. Therefore, candidates could start their election campaigns and focus on winning the swing states as they aim to win the 270 electoral votes they need to win the presidency.
There are many ways political parties choose who is going to represent them on the general election, which is a decisive electoral contest in which the winner takes charge for the position he or she was running for. Primary elections and caucus are used before the big election to select the party’s candidates as mentioned in the book We the people. There could be different types of primaries, an open primary is one in which anyone could attend regardless of their party’s affiliation, a close primary is one in which people of certain party that are registered could only participate and last but not least a semi-open primary which land between an open and a close primary. Caucuses are mainly close meetings of individual from a certain part that organize a meeting to talk about the nomination of a candidate to represent the party in the national…

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