The Eisenhower Vs. Stevenson Essay

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1952 - Eisenhower vs Stevenson
Eisenhower is well known for his leadership in D-Day and involvement in helping bring an end to the war in Europe against the Axis enemies giving him the status of a war hero. Due to his involvement and leadership, Eisenhower is well liked by the American public and his opinions on the war in Korea matters. In one campaign ad, he questions the funding on the National Defense by the Truman administration as there is a low supply of weapons for those overseas in Korea to even fight with. A vote for him would be a vote to finally end the war in Korea by someone with military knowledge. Eisenhower also speaks against the tax raises made by the Democratic party to compensate for the large amount of debt that was harmfully affecting life in America.
Stevenson is known for being the governor of Illinois. During his term as governor, Stevenson rid Illinois of corruption caused by Republicans and promises as president to end corruption in all other 48 states. Stevenson claims to be an advocator for equal rights for all in the case of civil rights in the south. He promises equal wages for all and a better social security. Stevenson states that Eisenhower will not fully be in control as president as he could be under the influence of a man known as “Bob” and what the American people need is a president like Adlai who’d be in full control of his actions. Stevenson also states in his campaign ads that the Republican party is two-faced and confused on the…

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