The Eighth Amendment And The Fifth Amendment Essay example

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The Eighth Amendment It’s a late Autumn afternoon and a young fourteen year old boy is told that he has to pay $24,000 bail for stealing a bag of groceries. This is an unreasonable price to pay for the crime he committed. Luckily for us, the Eighth Amendment protects US citizens from unfair situations such as this one. The Eighth Amendment’s meaning and purpose has left an enduring impact on the citizens of the United States of America.
Meaning and Purpose First of all, the Eighth Amendment is an extremely significant part of the Constitution. The Eighth Amendment’s purpose is split into two parts. The first way that the Eighth Amendment is important to the Constitution is that it protects us from high bail prices. According to, “The Eighth Amendment ensures that bail cannot be “excessive,” at an amount so high that it would be impossible for all but the richest defendants to pay it.” In other words, bail cannot be unreasonably high compared to the crime that was committed. Furthermore, the Eighth Amendment is important because it protects innocent people. The article states,”Bail also promotes the ideal of being innocent until proven guilty, in that a defendant is not punished with jail time before he or she actually has been convicted.” This means people can’t be put in jail before they have been proven guilty, which makes sure that innocent people are not punished. Additionally, the Eighth Amendment protects criminals from unfair and…

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