The Eight Elements Of Reasoning Essay

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Exploring the Eight Elements of Reasoning – in Hindsight Critical thinking is an attribute which should have been thought along with my ABC’s and 123’s. In hindsight, if I understood my thinking process I could have spared myself a lot of grief, missed opportunities, and bad decisions. I still may have ended up where I am at this exact moment in time; however in remembrance, I thought process and how I make decisions would be grossly impacted utilizing critical thinking instead of feelings, by biases and my unreliable source of luck. When it comes to my interactions with the opposite sex and relationships I’ve gathered a lot of experiences and knowledge. There is one relationship decision, which will forever be branded in my mind of simply what not to do when I’m pursuing a relationship. My intuition repeatedly advised me not to engage in this relationship. However, my male ego and hormones clouded my decision to pursue this relationship. If I had the tools of eight elements of reasoning and critical thinking I truly believe my bad decision to date my younger sister best friend would never had taken place. Nosich’s model of the eight elements of thought to include declaring a purpose, question at issue, information, interpretation, concepts, assumptions, implications and point of view would have allowed me to decipher through emotions, lust and other unreliable variables in order to more clarity in my thought process when I was contemplating this relationship.…

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