Essay about The Egyptian Cult Of Death

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The impact of the Egyptian cult of death had a huge effect on the visual arts of Egypt. Pyramids made for the pharos, silently reach out to the sky seeking eternal life from the sun god Amon. The cult of death is responsible for most of ancient Egypt’s visuals arts and as well as their architectural monuments. From the pyramids and the great tombs to the hieroglyphs and the sphinx Egypt has a fast amount of history that is known greatly around the world as one of the most fast and interesting civilization of all time.
After further research I have come to find that Egypt is one of the top ten places in the world to visit for its outstanding architectural designs such as pyramids, temples, and tombs. Not only is it known for its beautiful architecture but also for its mesmerizing statues, obelisks, and the most famous Sphinx statue which guards the ceremonial complex at Giza. One of the oldest and largest pyramid in Egypt to date. Today most of Egypt’s visual arts can be found in tombs and temples, the art was not meant to be seen as decoration but as a living representation of life itself, the cult of the dead took great pride in honoring the deceased. Life after death influenced all of Egyptian culture, the promise of eternal life fueled the culture to build outstanding monuments. It’s fascinating to see how much art work can have such a vast spiritual meaning behind it. The Egyptian cult of the dead had special ways in which they took care of the dead, mummies are a great…

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