The Egg That The Narrator Sees Is A Symbol Of New Life Essay

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Stevenson says that the egg that the narrator sees is a symbol of new life. This egg is Aiken almost saying that he was new life, only ten years old, and he now had to start another new life, far away from everything that he knew. Also, the story has a focus on death because it focuses on the perception of an overwhelming amount of snow. The snow is a symbol of death because when snow falls, a lot of what is buried will end up dying. Another time that Aiken refers to death is when he talks about the darkness in The Room. "Of darkness against darkness. Within the room / It turned and turned, diving downward..."(Aiken, line 3-4) This diving of the darkness is almost put into a hellish tone. This sounds like someone has just died in front of Aiken and they are now being sent to hell. Another symbol of death that is hard to see is the mailman. Death is something that you know is going to happen, but often sneaks up on a person and is suddenly there without even noticing. At the beginning of the story the narrator is surprised that he cannot hear the mailman like he usually can, but he knows that the mailman must be coming. The mailman gets closer and closer, until he is at the narrators house. The mailman showed up without any signals that he would be there that day. The mailman had approached the narrators house slowly and quietly, similar to how the murder of his mother came unexpectedly. The next theme is creation and destruction. This is not really the creation and…

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