World War 1 Research Paper

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World War 1 was the first most crucial global war that existed. WW1 included a majority of the powerful nations of the west of Europe and basically all the world. During this tragedy of this war brought a lot towards many countries that weren’t exactly part of the war at first. Like for example the United States weren’t apart of World War 1 until the Germans lost their minds and started to blow up the american navy ships. The Germans however thought that the Americans were working with the British as allies or close friends as you could say. With that they filed an idea that since we the american people were helping the british out that they could avenge against Great Britain by bombing us in the Pacific ocean. But that was just like a conspiracy …show more content…
A Isolationist foreign policy was encouraged by the Congress about giving the other nations a pathway into the United States policies too. Creating the big cultural melting pot of the american people. The melting pot though was basically a venture by both the allied and central powers that made America a part of this in the first place. the Americans had made the Germans seem like they were the most dangerous people with a seriously insane military. They also believed that the germans had some secret idea that they could take over teh Democracy and the American power, yeah not exactly the greatest idea that they made, sense that it never actually happened so anyway. To keep the Americans busy while the Germans act on their plan to destroy the United States, they made industrial sabotage, put poison in their water supplies, and kidnapped a few people here and there , you know the usual crazy ideas the Germans come up with. The rumors about the Germans using submarines as part of their war weapons was true because they used them to sink the American ships. Which didn’t help with destroying the Americans because their ideas just made the American people even more livid by the minute. and to be honest wasn’t the best thing because the Americans could be a bit scary when they 're over the top mad. Some people even Teddy Roosevelt called for revenge basically on Germany. Even the President you know Wilson had made our military larger to warn the Germans that they won’t win this war. some of the advantages and disadvantages that the Americans had when they declared war on Germany were their economic interests. ;Like for example the United States had made huge economic investments with the French

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