The Effects Of Workplace On The Workplace Essay

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When I think of workplace professionalism, what comes to mind first is – ability to keep a proper distance and appropriate closeness to one’s coworkers and customers (patients, clients, etc.) I think the workplace can sometimes become an all-too-comfortable environment. It is easy, especially for those who have had a long acquaintance with one place to consider their workplace a “second home”. It is easy to grow too close to coworkers and start treating them like friends. Because of this, professional duties are often prioritized second to relations with coworkers. My mom, who is a very wise lady, told me once: “always be kind and respectful to your coworkers, but don’t develop close friendships with them.” These words have proved true many times. In my two last jobs I’ve witnessed numerous work relationships go from “best friend” to “worst enemy”. On a couple of occasions, this unhealthy familiarity led to someone walking off the job, and someone else getting fired.
To piggyback off of what I wrote above, I think one of most detrimental things to happen to the modern world is social media. Not only is it destructive in terms of being a constant distraction and replacement to real-life relationships, it also made its way into the professional world as well. This is scary to me, because now coworkers are constantly plugged into each other’s personal lives. Work and life get mixed, private issues and disagreements between employees surface, and conflict begins. Of course,…

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