Essay The Effects Of Working On College Students

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Being a college student alone can be stressful enough, but attending college while working a job can be quite stressful in some cases. College itself is not too bad and working a job typically isn 't ridiculous, but unfortunately most students have to attempt both if they wish to further their education. Usually students who juggle both are not doing it for fun. Attempting both at the same time, can become a very stressful life with lots of negative effects. There are two major negative effects of working while in college, however, there is one positive effect working while in college. The two adverse effects that most college students who work are dealing with is struggling with maintaining grades, with the possibility of dropping out and learning to function on a low amount of sleep. The one positive effect of working a job while in college is that the student becomes very prepared for the future.

First of all, working a job and attending college classes can put a lot of stress on a student. This can greatly affect their grade performance because it can be too much at times. "Much of the research indicating that employment negatively affects students ' academic achievement stated that an increase in the amount of hours worked was the most influential factor. In one study, more hours worked decreased the likelihood of being an 'A ' student (Pritchard, 1996). According to Furr and Elling (2000), 29% of the students working 30-39 hours per week and 39% of…

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