The Effects Of Working Memory On Memory Essay

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This experiment involved differentiating which gender had better memory. The objective states that each student will participate in the data collection process by summarizing the gender and memory experiment, and be able to record and analyze the results of the administered tests. The purpose of the experiment was to investigate if there is a gender difference in memory. Memory is the ability to recall information from past events or experiences in the brain. Different types of memory include working memory and long term memory. Working memory is the short term storage of information that is being actively processed; while long term memory is virtually unlimited, that can hold information for long periods of time. This experiment demonstrates the effects of working memory in three different abilities; visual-spatial, word recall, and story recall. These are shown by both men and women receiving the testing and writing their responses. Tests were conducted to determine gender differences in memory. My hypothesis for this experiment was that females will have, on average, higher scores than men on memory tests. I made these predictions because women have a higher ability to memorize locations and objects better than men. Since women have this ability, I believe that they will have a higher score for remembering visual pictures. Also, women use more elaborate and emotional language. Due to this characteristic, women will be able to understand emotional details in a story. Thus…

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