The Effects Of Witnessing Domestic Violence On A Child's Age: Case Study

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1. What is the child 's age?
The child is 10 years old and her name is Lucia.

2. Identify and describe the effects of witnessing domestic violence on a child of this age.

It has tremendous psychological, emotional, and even physical effects. The diary that I just read about Lucia and her mother and abusive father, and siblings was heartbreaking. She not only experienced physical abuse at the hands of her father when she tried to intervene as he was hitting her mother but she will probably will have psychological effects as well. There was so much emotional abuse that she endured just by simply seeing her mother getting beat. She initially felt like she had to keep this a secret and even had mixed emotions toward her father (worrying about his well-being and what was going to happen to him). This can be very confusing for children her age and they
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As the Honoring our Victims (2016) diary I read stated, simple things like allowing siblings to continue to sleep with each other can go a long way with making them feel at home and safe. Especially since a lot of the younger siblings look to their older siblings for support. Social support through sibling relationships provides protection against internalizing behaviors such as depression and anxiety (Honor our Voices, 2016).

b) Provide counseling sessions and ask questions that will not make them feel uncomfortable but at the same time allow them to be able to conclude whether or not they have been abused as well. They should also try to reassure them what could happen to the abuser who most of the time is a parent they love. As stated in the Diary reading, when children do disclose violence, it is important to explain to them what will happen as a result of their disclosure to help calm fears, reduce anxiety, and promote a sense of safety and security. (Honor our Voices,

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