The Effects Of Wind Speed On The Environment Essay

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Offshore wind energy has a bright future, especially in countries with a high population density which reduces the chances of finding suitable sites onshore and save the precious land sources. One of the primary reason for moving wind farm from onshore to offshore is the lack of suitable wind turbine sites on land. This is particularly the case in densely populated countries like UK or the Netherlands with a relatively flat landscape.
Another important reason, however, is that wind speeds are often significantly higher offshore compared with the wind speed in lands. It is hard and uneasy to find a place onshore where the wind speed is approximately 20% more as normal. Because the relationship between wind speed and the energy power is the cube function, the energy yield may be about at least 73% higher than on land. Therefore, even the economical wind turbines, which will generally have capacity rates as low as 25 to 30 per cent, however, will probably yield about 50% more energy at sea than at nearby land locations.
It is generally an advantage to have a stable power output form for a wind farm. At sea, periods of complete calm are generally extremely rare, and quite short-lived. Thus, the effective use of wind turbine generating capacity will be higher at sea than on land.
Offshore wind resources are enormous in global Wind energy resources within the 50 meters of water depth in the European seas can afford several times than the total European electricity consumption.…

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