The Effects Of Weight Gain On Eating Clean And Working Out Essay

737 Words Nov 28th, 2016 3 Pages
It’s your first semester of college, away from your parents, you are forced to live on your own, and now have the responsibly of feeding yourself. This can often leave students feeling stressed and eating poorly, and forgetting to exercise is an excellent remedy for the famous freshman fifteen. “Doctors are concerned that students who gradually put on pounds are establishing a pattern of weight gain that could spell trouble if it continues.” (Teenshealth). This is a problem feared by most, but there are numerous ways to avoid it and stay healthy, including eating clean and working out. Everything that causes weight gain can be found in any college town, for example, fast food restaurants, alcohol, and late night snacking. Without having parents to regulate your eating habits and making home cooked meals every night, it’s very easy to fall into an unhealthy eating schedule. “Once one person starts with the pizza, chips, candy bars — it 's really difficult to go against the norm. It 's not a peer pressure thing. It 's just hard to keep your resolve up.” (Joy Bauer). Eating healthy can also be somewhat expensive, especially for a college student on a budget, so a drive thru or Ramen Noodles is an easy and accessible fix for a growling stomach. Making a list of affordable healthy options and making time to go to the grocery store is the first step in avoiding weight gain. Besides poor eating habits, alcohol also plays a huge role in gaining weight, college students basically…

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