The Effects Of Watching Television On Children Essay

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What are the negative effects of watching television on children?
Technology has evolved and continues to evolve as the years go by. One specific type of technology television has evolved a lot throughout the years. On television today, there are so millions of channels either shown through cable networks and satellite networks, and a lot of them are aimed for adults. Even the programming for these channels has advanced so much that sex and nudity is easily shown on channels such as HBO and Showtime. In today’s society, television has become easily accessible either through television sets, smartphones, video gaming counsels, and computers screens. A child is easily able to get their hands on it and stare at it for hours and hours. But the question is should young children be exposed to television and can is it harmful or harmless? This paper will be looking at how television will impact children negatively though their physical health, mental health and through their behaviour.
First of all, physical aspects are able to determine how healthy a child is and will be in their future. If at a young age a child is overweight or obese, it can have a huge impact on their physical health. According to the article, Childhood obesity: food, nutrient, and eating-habit trends and influences, the author states that “Spending too much time on passive activities, such as video games, watching television, sitting in front of a computer, and not spending enough time in sport or other…

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