Essay on The Effects Of Waste On The Environment And People

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Every day people toss out several things mindlessly, it’s become a habit to throw things out once they lose their value to the consumer. Have things always been like this? No, there were times where the people made the most use out of whatever they had, reusing it until it was impossible to continue. This consumer mindset can’t just be stopped, but there are things that can be done to lessen the impact of this mindless disposal on the environment and people. Edward Humes gives insight into how waste is handled here in America, and how other countries are handling it much better. How does Clark County reflect the waste habits found in the text by Humes? That’s what I’m here to find out.
The data collected for this report comes from Garbology, Green Solutions, Clark College campus waste audits, data from a Clark County waste audit report, and Environmental Health waste surveys from the Health 103 class at Clark, as well as graphs created by the Math 203 class. Alongside this there is information mentioned in Rebecca Benson’s, Clark College 's director of environmental health and safety, class presentation. The Health 103 class gathered their information by tracking what was thrown away by themselves, if it was disposed of properly, and how long it was used before it was disposed of for four days. This class consisted of 13 females and 7 males. They also had to record the data of 10 things that Clark students threw away and if it was in the correct place.


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